Old Meets New: ReInventing Claims Management



Leveraging Technology

Introducing VeraCare™ the new way to manage claims. Built in-house by Viscardi Resources, VeraCare™ is the synthesis of some of today's most powerful technologies.  This technology allows Registered Nurses, medical professionals, Doctors of Pharmacy, disability management assistants, computer programmers and data analysts to come together to do things differently.  Immediate intervention expedites care and mitigates losses.  


Big on Data, Big on Analytics

Want answers?  Look at the facts.  On average, a claim processed by Viscardi Resources generates 496 unique data points. Multiply this number over thousands of claims and you've got a lot of information on your hands.  Our proprietary analytic methodology delivers metrics that provide direct value to the claim owner, employer and injured worker.   Data analysis uncovers areas of friction in the claim management process and reveals areas for further improvement.  


Customization Every Step of the Way

Every client, every claim, every injured worker matters.  Our experts work with each of our clients to develop solutions that fit their specific needs.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.