Executive Profiles



Founder Joan Viscardi has served as President/CEO of medical management and cost containment firms for over 30 years. Joan has held various positions outside of the industry from Intensive Care Manager to CFO, CEO, By-laws Chairperson and Civic Association President. The diversity of these positions has enabled Joan to provide her clients with unique perspective in this field. Joan's expertise lies in Nursing Case Management and Medical Compliance.


JOHN VISCARDI - Executive Vice President

John Viscardi is Viscardi Resource's Executive Vice President and reports to CEO Joan Viscardi.  He has been an integral member of the Viscardi Resources since its inception, advancing to his current position in 2013 after serving as Chief Operating Officer. As Executive Vice President, John is responsible for managing operations, business development and technological innovation.  Prior to serving as Chief Operating Officer, John held many other roles at Viscardi Resources including finance and management positions.  John holds a BA and an MFA from New York University. 


Sara Falco - Senior Vice President of Operations 

Sara Falco is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Viscardi Resources and reports to Executive Vice President John Viscardi.  As SVP of Operations, Sara oversees daily operations for all of Viscardi Resources; ensuring the organization delivers the highest quality services possible.  One of the organization's longest serving employees, Sara has deep knowledge of the systems, policies and procedures that have led to Viscardi Resources' exceptional success over the last decade. She holds a B.A. in English from Loyola University of Maryland. 


JULIE BORELLO, RN, BA, CCM - VP of Medical Compliance 

Julie Borello is the VP of Medical Compliance and reports to CEO, CNO Joan Viscardi. In her role as VP of Medical Compliance she is charged with overseeing internal policy to ensure compliance with state and federal regulation.  She holds a B.A. in Accounting from Queens College and an RN, ADN from Farmingdale State University. 


Anne Lackner - Operations Manager, Case Management Services 

Anne Lackner is the Operations Manager of Case Management services and reports to Sara Falco, VP of Administration. In her role, Anne monitors and manages the day-to-day operations of the case management department's administrative team. She measures accuracy, completeness, and timeliness to build processes that will ensure the maximum efficiency of case handling.



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